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 What is CCC Mark ?  
CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification. Its sign is shown on the top of this page.

The CCC mark is the new compulsory Safety & Quality mark for many products sold on the Chinese market. CCC Mark became effective on the May 1, 2002. It is the result of the recent integration of China's two compulsory inspection systems (one to check contents of products for import and export, and the other for quality control) into a single procedure. The new CCC mark replaces the two old marks, namely CCIB and CCEE used in the two old inspection systems.

Two Old Systems Overlap

The two old systems overlap with each other in many aspects. Since they belong to two different State administrations, each does not admit those enterprises that have gone through the other.

The two systems carry different national quality standards, this has caused a great deal of inconvenience for enterprises, especially for those dealing in both the domestic market and foreign trade.

What's more, imported products have to go through the two similar, but independent, systems: while entering China, they should be examined in accordance with the system of inspection and quarantine authority, and to be allowed to be sold on the Chinese markets, the authentication of the quality supervision authority is a necessity.

In August 2001, China´s State Council pushed for the previous two independent quality supervision authorities and quarantine authority to become the ministerial-level State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. This has thus paved the way for combining the two systems.

The newly established China National Regulatory Commission for Certification and Accreditation is in charge of all matters concerning certification and accreditation.
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