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First Catalogue of
 Products Subject to CCC Mark 

(total 19 groups / 132 categories)

Other link: List by HS codes of products subject to CCC Mark
(covering 10 chapters totally 323 headings or sub-headings)

  1. EWC- Electrical Wires and Cables (5 categories)

    • Cord sets
    • Flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purposes
    • Insulated cables (wires) for railway vehicles of rated voltage
      up to and including 3kV
    • Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages
      up to and including 450/750V
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated cables of rated voltages
      up to and including 450/750V

  2. SCIPCD- Switches for Circuits, Installation Protective and Connection Devices (6 categories)
    • Appliance couplers (household and similar purposes, industrial purpose)
    • Plugs and socket-outlets (household and similar purposes, industrial purpose)
    • Thermal-links
    • Cartridge fuse-links of miniature fuse
    • Switches fixed electrical installations for household and similar purposes
    • Enclosures for accessories fixed electrical installations for household and similar purposes

  3. LVEA- Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus (9 categories)
    • Residual current protective devices
    • Circuit-breakers (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB)
    • Fuses
    • Low-voltage switchers
      (disconnectors, switch-disconnectors, and fuse-combination units)
    • Other protective equipment for circuits
      (current limiting devices, circuits protective devices, over current protective devices, thermal protectors, over load relays, low-voltage electromechanical contactors and motor starters)
    • Relays (voltage above 36V, up to and including 1000V)
    • Other switches
      (switches for appliances, vacuum switches, pressure switches, proximity switches, foot switches, thermal sensitive switches, hydraulic switches, push-button switches, Position limit switches, Micro-gap switches, two direction switches, temperature sensitive switches, travel switches, change–over switches, auto-change-over switches, knife switches)
    • Other devices
      (contactors, motor starters, indicator lights, auxiliary contact assemblies, master controllers, A.C. Semiconductor motor controllers and starters)
    • Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies

  4. SPM- Small Power Motors (1 category)
    • Small power motors

  5. ET- Electric Tools (16 categories)
    • Drills (include impact drills)
    • Screwdrivers and impact wrenches
    • Electric grinders
    • Sander
    • Circular saws
    • Electric hammers (electric pickax)
    • Spray guns for non-flammable liquid
    • Electric scissors
      (electric scissors for double-edged blades, electric impact scissors )
    • Electric tapping machine
    • Reciprocating saws (jig saw and sabre saws)
    • Internal Concrete vibrators
    • Electric chain saws
    • Electric planer
    • Electric hedge trimmer and Electric grass shears
    • Electric routers and Edge trimmer
    • Electric stone cutters (including Marble cutters)

  6. WM- Welding Machines (15 categories)
    • Portable A.C. arc welding machines
    • A.C. Arc welding machines
    • D.C. Arc welding machines
    • TIG welding machine
    • MIG/MAG welding machines
    • Submerged arc welding machines
    • Plasma arc cutting machines
    • Plasma arc welding equipment
    • Electric shock protective devices for arc welding transformer
    • Coupling devices for welding cables
    • Resistance welding machines
    • Wire feeder for welder
    • TIG welding blow lamp
    • MIG/MAG welding torches
    • Electrode holders

  7. HSUA- Household and Similar Use Appliances (18 categories)
    • Household refrigerators and food freezers:
      with the effective volume under 500L, household and similar use with/without frozen compartment, frozen food storage cabinet, freezer and their combination;
    • Electric fans:
      electric fans with single-phase alternate current and direct current for household and similar use;
    • Air-conditioners:
      the refrigeration shall not be exceed 21000 cal/ h for household and similar use;
    • Motor-compressors (input power should be under 5000W):
      sealed motor-compressors (hermetic and semi-hermetic type) for air-conditioners and freezing appliances for household and similar use;
    • Household washing machines:
      washing machines with/without the devices of water heating, spinning extraction and drying;
    • Storage water heaters:
      including fixed storage water heaters and instantaneous water heater, heating water to a temperature below its boiling point;
    • Room heaters:
      radiant heaters, panel heaters, liquid-filled radiators, fan heaters, convector heaters, tubular heaters for household and similar purposes;
    • Vacuum cleaners:
      vacuum cleaners having the functions of suction dust or liquid, driven by either series or D.C. motors;
    • Appliances for skin and hair care:
      appliances with electric heating components for skin and hair care of both human and animals;
    • Electric irons:
      electric dry irons and steam irons for household and similar purpose;
    • Electromagnetic cookers:
      electromagnetic heating kitchen appliance which may contain electromagnetic heating components single hob or hobs for household or similar purpose;
    • Roasters:
      including rated volume not over 10L roasters, toasters, waffle irons, and similar appliances for household or similar purpose;
    • Electric food processors:
      household food preparation machines and similar multiple-use food preparation machines;
    • Microwave ovens:
      household appliances for heating food and beverages using electromagnetic energy in one or more of the I.S.M. frequency bands OVER 300 MHz . These appliances may also incorporate a browning or steaming functions;
    • Cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances:
      including household cooking ranges , stationary electric ovens, hobs, stationary cooking ranges, hob elements, grills and griddles, induction ovens and grills;
    • Range hoods:
      electric range hoods installing above household cooking ranges, hobs and similar cooking appliances, with fans, lights and controllers;
    • Appliances for heating liquids and Water dispensers;
    • Electric rice cookers:
      automatic heat-preservation or timer electric rice cooker with heating components.

  8. AVA- Audio and Video Apparatus (excluding the acoustics apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles) (16 categories)
    • Active loud speaker system having single or multiple speaker with the max. output sound power under 500W (R.M.S.)
    • Audio power amplifier
    • Tuners
    • Radio receivers
    • Recorders, players, dealers for audio and video with kinds of carrier, media (including kinds of carrier of cassette tape and laser disc )
    • Combining above sound/vision apparatus
    • Power adapters for audio/video products
    • Color television receivers with all kinds of display types
    • Display monitors (not including television receivers for automobiles)
    • B/W television receivers and other monochrome television receivers
    • Picture/display tubes
    • Video recorders
    • Satellite television receivers
    • Electronic organs
    • Antenna amplifiers
    • Equipment and components for cable distribution systems of sound and television signals.

  9. ITE- Information Technology Equipment (12 categories)
    • Personal computers (PC)
    • Portable personal computers
    • Display units connected with computer
    • Printers connected with computer
    • Multiplying printer & coping machines
    • Scanners
    • Switching power supply units for computer and adapters, chargers
    • Computer game players
    • Learning machine
    • Duplicators
    • Servers
    • Finance and trade settlement equipment

  10. LA- Lighting Apparatus (excluding the lighting apparatus with voltage lower than 36V) (2 categories)
    • Luminaries
    • Ballasts.

  11. TTE- Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (9 categories)
    • Fixed telephone terminal:
      Common telephone set, CID telephone set, Card Management Telephone set, Answering Machine Telephone set, Coin pay-phone set, Intelligent Card Telephone set, IC Card Public Telephone set, Hands-free Telephone set, Digital Telephone set, Additional Device of telephone set.
    • Cordless telephone terminal:
      Analogue Cordless telephone set, Digital Cordless telephone set.
    • Key-Phone system:
      Key-phone system, Telephone Conference Exchange.
    • Facsimile machine:
      Fax machine, Voice/Fax Card, Fax machine with multi-functions.
    • Modem:
      Voice-band Modem, Base-band Modem, DSL Modem, including card.
    • Mobile Terminal:
      Analogue Mobile Station, GSM Digital Cell Mobile Station (including handset and other terminal), CDMA Digital Cell Mobile Station (including handset and other terminal)
    • ISDN Terminal:
      NT1, NT1+ TA(including card)
    • Data Terminal:
      Storing/Transmitting Fax/Voice card, POS terminal, Interface Transformer, Network Hub, Other Data Terminal.
    • Multimedia Terminal:
      Video Phone, Conference System, VOD Terminal, Other Multimedia Terminal.

  12. MVSP- Motor Vehicles and Safety Parts (4 categories)
    • Automobiles: Motor vehicles of Categories M, N, O.
    • Motorcycles.
      • Motor Vehicle Parts:
      • Safety belts
      • Motorcycle engines
      • .

  13. MVT- Motor Vehicle Tyres (3 categories)
    • Automobile Tyres:
      Passenger car tyres (Passenger car radial ply tyre, Passenger car diagonal tyre.)
      Truck tyres: Ult-light Truck tyres, Light Truck tyres, Medium/heavy Truck tyres.
    • Motorcycle Tyres: Motorcycle Tyre (Code indicating series, Metric system series, Light type series, Scooter series.)

  14. SG- Safety Glasses (3 categories)
    • Safety Glass for Road Vehicle: Laminated Glass A, Laminated Glass B, Zone-Tempered Glass and Tempered Glass.
    • Safety Glass for Building: Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass.
    • Safety Glass for Railway Rolling Stock: Laminated Glass, tempered Glass, Insulated Safety Glass.

  15. AM- Agricultural Machinery (1 category)
    • Equipment for Crop Protection:
      Motorized or Manual Liquid Knapsack sprayer, Motorized or Manual Powder Knapsack sprayer, Motorized Liquid and Powder Knapsack sprayer.

  16. LP- Latex Products (1 category)
    • Rubber Condoms.

  17. MD- Medical Devices (7 categories)
    • Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
    • Haemodialysis Equipment
    • Hollow Fiber Dialysers
    • Extra-corporeal Blood Circuit for Blood Purification Equipment
    • Electrocardiographs
    • Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers
    • Artificial Heart-Lung Machine.

  18. FFP- Fire Fighting Products (3 categories)
    • Fire Alarm equipment:
      Point Type Smoke Fire Detectors, Heat Sensitive Point Fire Detectors, Fire Alarm control Units, Control for Fire Protection Equipment, Manual Fire Alarm Button.
    • Fire Hose: Lined Fire Hose, Wet Fire Hose.
    • Sprinkler Extinguishment Equipment:
      Sprinkler, Wet System Alarm Valves, Water Flow Indicator, Fire Pressure Switch.

  19. DIAS- Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems (1 category)
    • Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems:
      Microwave Doppler detectors for use in building, Active infrared intrusion detectors, Passive infra-red detectors for use in building, Combination microwave and passive infrared intrusion detector.

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