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      Starting on the 1st of August 2003, exported products to the People's Republic of China without CCC mark may be held at the border by Chinese Customs and subject to other penalties.

The new CCC mark conformity system will impact greatly many manufacturers across a wide range of sectors who export to the China market, especially those who have been exporting to China in the past and are not ready yet for the new system.

As a world-leading consultancy in technical and regulatory conformity, Wellkang Tech Consulting team provide non-Chinese manufacturers with efficient and cost-effective solutions for the CCC mark conformity.

Below is a brief description of our services:

  1. Step One: Determine WHETHER Your Products Require CCC Mark

  2. Step Two: Assessment Prior To Application For CCC Certification

    Products applied for CCC certification must conform to Chinese standards and/or other additional technical requirements.

    The CCC application may take several months to be completed, it will certainly save both time and money for the non-Chinese manufacturers to make an assessment, on the design-level, of their products against the Chinese GB Standards.

    Our native Chinese-speaking team members being familiar with the GB Standards can give you professional assistance.

  3. Step Three: Apply For CCC Certification

    • 3.1  Determine WHICH Authorized Certification Body

      Application for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) must be submitted to one Authorized Certification Body (ACB) by the manufacturer itself or its authorized consultant/agent such as Wellkang Tech Consulting team.

    • 3.2  Submit to the Authorized Certification Body

      • 3.2.1 Holders of Old CCIB and/or CCEE Certifications

        Up on application, the holders of the old CCIB and/or CCEE Certifications are entitled to exchange their valid old certifications for the new CCC certifications. The application for exchanging the certification can be submitted by the manufacturer itself or its authorized consultant/agent, such as Wellkang Tech Consulting team.

      • 3.2.2 New Applicants

        If the applicant does not hold any valid CCIB and/or CCEE Certification, they must submit a CCC application with supporting materials to the related ACB.

        Although some ACBs may accept application and supporting materials in English, it is obviously more practical and time-saving to submit the application and supporting materials in Chinese. Our team in China can conveniently handle this on your behalf. We can translate all the supporting materials from English to Chinese and file your application in Chinese.

    • 3.3  Type Testing by an Accredited Testing Lab

      • The applicant should send by itself samples to the Accredited Testing Labs. Our team in China can conveniently handle this on your behalf.

      • The working language for majority of the ATLs is Chinese. According to the latest research conducted by the CCC Team of Wellkang Tech Consulting, as of the May 1, 2003, there are 45 (out 76) ATLs having their own websites designated for CCC certification. The majority of these 45 websites are available, so far, only in the Chinese language. This is WHY our native Chinese-speaking team members can help you most-efficiently.

    • 3.4   On-site Factory Inspection and Audit.

      Our team will keep close contacts between the ACB and you, arrange suitable schedule for the on-site Factory Inspection and Audit.

  4. Step Four: Purchase or Print the CCC Mark Labels

    • Providing the CNCA with the CCC Certification issued by one of the 9 ACBs, the manufacturer or its agent can purchase the ready-made self-adhesive CCC Mark labels from the CNCA then affix it on the products.

    • The CCC certification holder may also apply, to one of the Printing Houses designated by the CNCA, for printing its own CCC mark labels.

    Our team in China can conveniently handle this on your behalf.

  5. Step Five: Supervision After Certification.

    The ACB exercises regular supervision over the CCC-qualified manufacturers to ensure the quality of their products meet the standards. Generally speaking, manufacturing facilities for the products need to be re-inspected/audited by inspectors designated by the ACB every 12-18 months.

    Our team will keep close contacts between the ACB and you, arrange suitable schedule for this.

  6. Appeal, complaint and dispute

    If the applicant disagree with the ACB on the result of a CCC application, they may complain or appeal to this ACB and ask for re-consideration, or appeal to the CNCA.

    Our team in China can conveniently handle this on your behalf.

For a limited time, Wellkang can provide all the services listed above as a whole "Complete Packet" or as part at very competitive prices.

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