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 List of Authorized Certification Bodies for CCC Mark  

List of Publications Related to CCC Mark
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Application for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) must be submitted to one Authorized Certification Body (ACB) by the manufacturer itself or its authorized consultant/agent.

Chinese government agency CNCA- Certification and Accreditation Administration has designated so far totally 9 Authorized Certification Bodies (ACBs). Each of the Authorized Certification Body has been assigned with specific Designated Certification Scopes which cover one or more of the 132 product categories on the list of products subject to CCC Mark.

Except for 2 ACBs, the Designated Certification Scopes of other 7 ACBs do not overlap one another. Each ACB can only issue the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for the products within its own Designated Certification Scope. In other words, CCC certification for products within one of the 132 product categories on the list of products subject to CCC Mark can only been issued by one (in some cases two) of the 9 ACBs.

In order to serve better our international clients who do not understand Chinese, our CCC Team at the Wellkang® Tech Consulting have prepared the exclusive, latest-updated, and most completed bilingual list of the Authorized Certification Bodies. The list is in both Chinese and English and contains the names of the Certification Bodies, their Authorized Certification Scopes corresponding the product categories in the First Catalogue of Products Subject to CCC Mark, their websites, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, names of contacting person(s).

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